Supporting Research and Empowering Education.

STEM-VRSE was created with a specific vision, two primary missions, and a core set of values to operate as a successful STEM research and education centered organization. At STEM-VRSE, our vision centers on becoming one of the critical organizations integrating 360° and virtual reality (VR) technologies with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) research and education. We use our vision in meeting these two missions. The first mission centers on supporting the integration of 360° and VR technologies across all STEM research domains. The second mission centers on promoting the use of these same technologies across both formal and informal STEM education learning environments. In doing so, we operate from our core values of collaborative community, distributive expertise, and innovative improvement to both support early career STEM researchers and empower STEM teachers.

Check Out Our New Squirrel Video!

Watch squirrels in our new 360 video from Northern California!

Check Out Our New Northern California Video!

Take in the incredible scenery from the Northern California Redwoods, captured in 360 by our President, Kat!

Check Out Our New Alaskan Glacier Bay Video!

Experience the wild Alaskan frontier, by taking a stunning 360 look at Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska!

Check Out Our New Zealand Scuba Diving Video!

One of our most amazing 360 video experiences, scuba diving in New Zealand was STEM-VRSE's first research trip, and this video is still one of our most popular!