December 22, 2017


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I have not written on this post for the last week. I hope after this, you will have an understanding of that reason. Today, the body of Morris Schulman will be laid to rest. He has been on my mind quite a bit these last few days. Morris was an intelligent and driven young man. I believe he possessed a great love for those around him and a passion for understanding the world in which he lived. Unfortunately, he also possessed a body that often betrayed him. I can not tell you why he made the decision he made, I do not believe that is my role in life. I can only say that I will miss riding around in his broken down truck, eating the crust from his pizza, and the smile he brought to my face when he threw gas on the fire to see the world light up a bit brighter. I know, from personal experience, that death is a part of life. I hope, however, that I never forget to feel the loss of those I lose as I move through this life. I wish Morris had contacted me before he made his fateful choice, I wish that he and I had had more time together in this life; but more importantly, I wish he were sitting across the way to argue over something inane. To changes, to life, and to Morris Schulman.