January 3, 2018

I like calendars, I said it.

Calendar Illustration image

The first week of January is here. For those living with a Gregorian calendar, this means a time for "New Year resolutions", lifestyle changes, and wishing for the summer temperatures we despised in August but would now give anything to experience for just a moment. I like calendars, those at STEM-VRSE know this. Without my calendar I get frazzled. Also, I can be a little difficult to live with when my routines are disrupted. As Cash once opined, "You are the only person I know who schedules a day to create a schedule." He is right, of course.

Why do I like schedules and calendars? I do not know. I did not really begin using either until I reached my 30's. Now, I can not imagine getting through my day without access to the calendar on my phone, tablet, and computer. There are so many people to see, papers to write, and meetings to attend. How do you keep this all straight? A calendar, of course.

But there is another reason for my newfound liking of calendars, nostalgia ("Starting STEM-VRSE"). As a young person, I was often busy with getting things done, I never took the time to look back and reflect on the actions I had taken and how those actions were influencing the things I was trying to get done at that moment ("Experiment Update"). I think calendars have taught me the importance of looking back and to reflect as I continue to move forward ("Changes").

And now for some upcoming events on my calendar:

  1. Kat has begun her page on Experiment.com. The page will be up until the end of January. I would urge everyone reading this to visit her page (www.experiment.com/stemvrsereef) and support her research efforts. Any support will be much appreciated.

  2. People from Biogiraffe (https://www.biogiraffe.org/) will be visiting us during our meeting this Friday (01/05/18).

  3. I will be meeting with Dakota on Friday to work on his experiment.com presentation.

  4. I will also be meeting this Friday with someone who has kindly offered to help us in completing the paperwork for the 501(3)(c) designation. This person represents an organization in Ft. Worth working with dogs (https://www.texasfoundationac.org/).

  5. STEM-VRSE plans to visit NASA next Friday. Fingers crossed for a special Friday meeting!

  6. Kat, Dakota, Katja, and Clint will be heading to the pool next week, or the week after, in preparation for the February trip to New Zealand!