January 6, 2018

It takes a community

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Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion. Many believe we live in a world of chaos and evil. Technically, I have little issue with either. I recognize national leaders acting like children, media focusing on the negative aspects of life, and role models fearful of exposing clay feet do not help. I also recognize most people live in fear of chaos and evil. They possess much and even more to lose. So, what can we do to fight back the chaos and evil? I believe community reflects the best option for dealing with both. Why? Continue reading...

Almost two years ago I was stuck. I lacked direction. Inertia, man. I met a guy. I helped that guy do some things he really want to do. A few months later, I met a girl. I helped her do some things she wanted to do. About the same time, I met some one who preferred to not be categorized by gender. I helped that person do something they really wanted to do. Then, a strange thing happened. I found myself moving in a direction and doing things I really wanted to do. Last evening, I was introduced to another group of people at biogiraffe (https://www.biogiraffe.org/). Who knows where they will push me, but they are now a part of my community.

I will not lie, I struggle every day with inertia. I have clay feet. Given half a chance, I would spend all day in my apartment reading. But, I live within a community. I hope you find yours. Let us know if you would like to join ours. The worst that can happen is we say, "No". If we do, maybe that is because we are not ready to be in your community, yet. Inertia, man. Maybe, just maybe, Van "the Man" was right when he said:

Yeah the caravan has all my friends
Yeah they'll stay with me until the end
Gypsy Robin, Sweet Emma Rose
Tell me everything I need to know

Caravan Song

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