January 18, 2018

Meet Dane Bozeman!

It's time for another Spotlight! This week we'll be featuring Dr. Dane Bozeman, our co-founder and secretary (and personal chef sometimes)! In case you're wondering, the picture he chose to be featured is him from Halloween 2017 where he's dressed as Uncle Fester from The Addams Family! We decided to feature him this week because it was his birthday this past Wednesday! Happy birthday, Dane!

Dane's spotlight photo

What is your name?

Dane Bozeman

What did you study in school and what do you wish to do in the future?

I have studied Biology, Microbiology, Physical Chemistry, Human Cognition, and Statistics.

What inspired you to start STEM-VRSE?

I took two of my younger cousins to see Jurassic Park in 1991. My cousins loved the dinosaurs, but I was fascinated with the scene in which the “scientists” used virtual reality to combine different DNA sequences.

What do you want to learn while working with STEM-VRSE?

I want to learn about the manner in which human cognition adapts and develops in virtual learning environments. Also, how long can you play kill the robots before you puke.

What research interests you the most?

All research interests me. I am an epistemologist at heart. “How we know” something is of more interest to me than “what we know.”

If you were a flavor of cake, what would you be and why?

If I were a cake, I would be a guitar shaped pumpkin peanut butter cream cheese cake pointing towards a chocolate cherry cheesecake chi-square symbol. Why? First, these are a few of my favorite things. Second, Who doesn’t like cheesecake. Finally, did I mention the cheesecake?

If you had to own a car, what car would it be?

I would own three. I would drive a 1960 red MGA convertible on the weekends, my daily driver would be a Porsche 911 cabriolet, and my going to get groceries would be a 1979 blue on blue Good Times van.

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