December 6, 2017

Starting STEM-VRSE

December 8, 2017

A change in the weather

The snow came down last evening; however, the streets did not freeze. I would not be surprised to learn that children all over the city are both happy and disappointed. Today, STEM-VRSE members will participate in the weekly meeting. With all three committees (i.e., building, communication, and finance) reporting out this evening, we may have some news to share in a few days.

Snow in Texas image

December 7, 2017

Keeping people motivated during the holiday season

Here is a question. How do you keep people motivated during the winter holiday season? We made such great headway in the first month; however, I fear we may face an uphill battle in December. Maybe a little research project will work. Coming soon, a short white paper on students' opinions about the STEM-VRSE website.

STEMVRSE Team photo image
Our first team photo

Today is December 6th.

As a nonprofit, STEM-VRSE has existed for one month. So, what have we accomplished in that month?

  1. Received our certification of incorporation from the state.

  2. Submitted two grants to National Geographic.

  3. Launched the STEM-VRSE website.

  4. Elected officers and passed bylaws.

  5. Created Building, Communication, and Finance committees.