February 21, 2018


In mathematics, summation (∑) describes the addition, in some sequence, for a set of numbers. The result of summation creates a sums. When the summation of any numbers occur sequentially, intermediate results reflect partial sums. Both sums and partial sums provide critical information to Mathematicians and researchers, alike. How the two types of information influences those individuals, however, often diverge.

Forked road image

A Partial Sum

Three STEM-VRSE researchers return this week from New Zealand. For many people, a trip to NZ represents the summation of a life-long dream. For these researchers, the trip represents but a partial sum of their respective lives and potentials. STEM-VRSE worked with these researchers to identify partial sums. Taken together, in series or parallel, these partial sums of lives and potentials reflect the course of their desires to understand the world more fully. Notice, I did not write understand the world completely, only more fully.

A Sum

In the coming weeks, STEM-VRSE hopes these researchers continue their respective lives and potentials. With the continued support of STEM-VRSE, these researchers will assist others to understand the world more fully. In doing so, these researchers will reflect the sum of STEM-VRSE's mission of supporting researchers and promoting education.

To all the people supporting STEM-VRSE, Thank you! In the next few weeks we hope to bring in new assistants, researchers, and content developers. Should our partial sums continue, STEM-VRSE will continue to generate our sums of supported researchers and promoted education.