May 17, 2018

Under the Sea with Aggieland Scuba

During January of 2018, we began working with Aggieland Scuba to prepare for the research trip to New Zealand. With Aggieland Scuba, Kat and Clint took the opportunity to refresh their own scuba skills. In addition, Dakota began to spread his proverbial wings and Katja faced her fear of water. All in all, Aggieland Scuba's help in January set us up for our current successes.

Kat and Dakota image Kat and Dakota sharing a meal at CJ's BBQ before the Aggieland Scuba meeting

In the early part of May we returned to Aggieland Scuba to share some of what we learned while in New Zealand. In doing so, we had a chance to reflect on the last few months. But before we go there, we wish to thank Aggieland Scuba. Your assistance made our work in New Zealand possible.

Kat image
Kat preparing to speak with the Aggieland Scuba group
Girl in VR goggles image

As an organization, since we first met the people at Aggieland Scuba in January of 2018, we achieved 501(c)(3) status, presented information at multiple community events, visited with researchers at NASA wishing to introduce VR into their work, began development of curriculum for use in primary and secondary schools, and began working with schools to train STEM teachers in the use of VR. Taken together, the events speak to the dedication of the STEM-VRSE members. But these events also reflect how our world dramatically changed in just a few short months when we said goodbye to some friends and then returned.

Guy in VR goggles image