December 23, 2017

Weekly meeting notes and update

Team meeting image

Members of STEM-VRSE held their weekly meeting last evening. At the meeting we, once again, discussed personal and company activities, shared stories of our individual efforts, and focused on future activities. As usual, we provided a live video feed to our Facebook account ( Unfortunately, the phone we used to capture meeting had some technical issues and we had to cut the video short by about 10 minutes. This meeting, however, provided the following highlights:

  1. Athanasios plans to take a more active role in fundraising and will actively solicit funds on our behalf.

  2. Interns, in the future, will be asked to participate on one of the three committees, one writing opportunity, and one research project.

  3. A group of will be going to the Johnson Space Center in Houston sometime in January - preferably on the 12th or 19th.

  4. We have achieved all quarterly tasks for the quarter ending on December 31st.

  5. We wish to create the Morris Schulman, Jr memorial scholarship.

  6. Kat and Dakota will be working to get their respective projects approved on the website.

Each of these highlights further illustrates the efforts of the STEM-VRSE members. In addition, we moved two far-term efforts (i.e., tasks to be completed within 3 years) to short-term efforts (i.e., tasks to be completed within the next 9 months). These two tasks, finding corporate sponsorship and recruiting additional researchers, reflect how far STEM-VRSE has come since creation on November, 5th. Finally, we should be finishing with the paperwork for the 501(3)(c) designation by the end of the year. Once completed, we hope to receive our federal nonprofit status sometime in early 2018.

Today, we awoke with additional good news. Specifically, Kat's project received approval. What does this mean? In Kat's words, "I guess I have to do this, now." The page on will become public on January 1st, so expect a notice on that day as well as a link to the page. Dakota will hopefully receive his notification some time this week, keep the fingers crossed. Morris, thank you for the help in getting us to this point.

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