The STEM-VRSE Education Action Plan centers on three Goals. In turn, each of these goals centers on four themes. To achieve the Goals, with corresponding Themes, STEM-VRSE works with students, teachers, and schools through Objectives and Actions. By clearly identifying Goals, Themes, Objectives, and Actions, STEM-VRSE works to ensure a smooth transition in adapting 360° and VR technologies in STEM education.


We work to improve the experiences of STEM learners by developing services and resources, as well as delivering sustainable 360° and VR learning experiences. We then increase opportunities for STEM learners to effectively communicate across STEM domains.


We work to increase the quality of learning experiences by developing a continuum of teacher professional development for emerging pedagogy skills. We then promote teachers' effective classroom autonomy and involvement in education outside school walls.


We work to increase opportunities for local communities to use school equipment and facilities as well as enhance the capacity of schools to meet state education standards. We then create diversity in learner experiences outside school walls and enhance support for learners' education and career choices.

Education action plan diagram.