STEM-VRSE was founded in November of 2017 by a group of educators, researchers and students in College Station, TX. Each of the founders studied in different fields, including; geology, zoology, and human cognition. They came together through a common interest in the potential of and 360 and virtual reality (VR) technologies to bridge the gap between the established research and education systems and the ever evolving world of technology. These founders set out to perform their own research 360 and VR technologies. This led to the creation of STEM-VRSE.

STEM-VRSE exists to support researcher's integration of 360 and VR technologies in STEM research. We promote education within formal and informal environments to support current STEM educators and capture the attention of future scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians.

The goals of STEM-VRSE center on two groups of actors identified in the organization’s mission, namely actors associated with either STEM research or STEM education. In doing so, STEM-VRSE seeks to identify, train, and engage with those actors likely to make significant impacts in using 360 and VR technologies in STEM research or education.


  • Conducted our first set of research projects while integrating VR and 360 technologies into the process.
  • Brought on our first intern.
  • Awarded our first scholarship to an undergraduate student.
  • Received our 501(c)(3) status.